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30.05.07: When Should One See A Nephrologist?

Many years of experience show that rather often patients with nephrological pathology do not pay any attention to slight ailing. Unfortunately, various kidney diseases usually have no symptoms, even in case of considerable changes in the urinalysis and blood test results. That is why many patients are wasting precious time, when it is possible if not stop, at least slow down the disease. Do you make tests and check your blood pressure regularly?

Those, who believe that it is necessary to see a nephrologist when your kidneys hurt you, are mistaken. Nature created kidneys in such a way, that they have very few zones, aching when something is wrong. SOS signals sent by sick kidneys are not loud: changes in the urine, gradually increasing blood pressure, increase of cholesterol in urine. This usually results in vessels changes, increased load on the heart and kidney corrugation – finally they lose their function. Kidney diseases may lead to the reduction of red corpuscles transferring oxygen. Sometimes problems with kidneys result in increased bone fragility. At the same time, the situation may be quite the opposite – various salts are gatheres in kidneys, while the patient believes he has the widely-spread osteochondrosis. Meanwhile the stone grows, filling the kidney pelvis. An infection, resistant to treatment, may develop as a result. It is especially important to check the condition of urine system during pregnancy, because even infection without any symptoms may influence on the health of a baby.

Routine check-ups help prevent complications and start necessary treatment in time. One should have urinalysis after infectious diseases, such as, for instance, tonsillitis. And of course, thorough examination is required in case of hypertension and changes in urinalysis results.

Kolina I.B., Nephrologist, American Medical Center


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